a purple blooming tree outside of a gallery

City Different: Santa Fe, New Mexico

You can’t really appreciate Santa Fe’s nickname until you arrive in the “City Different”. The flourishing arts town in simultaneously hippyish and upscale. It’s pueblo architecture is like nothing I’ve seen before. Founded in 1607 at an elevation of 7,000 feet, it is America’s oldest and highest capital city. Full of history and culture, it…

bright lights of Old Vegas casinos

Viva Las Vegas (on a budget)!

There has been so much written about Las Vegas already, and whether you think it’s gaudy, garish or glamorous, it’s a city you should see at least once for yourself, even if for the sheer spectacle of it all.  You can do Vegas high end staying at the best hotels on the strip (try Caesar’s…

View of Grand Canyon

Tips for visiting the Grand Canyon & Hoover Dam

Visiting the Hoover Dam and especially the Grand Canyon is unbelievable and an absolute must!  I recently had this opportunity, so I’m sharing a few tips based on my personal experience: Hoover Dam -> Visit the Hoover Dam first – the Grand Canyon is so incredibly impressive that it was hard to be as impressed…

Weekly Photo Challenge: Wall

While walking today on Little Corn Island, Nicaragua I noticed an unconventional wall and canvas for graffiti or street art.   With fewer than 1000 residents and not many walls to speak of, budding Little Corn artists have found a canvas that goes beyond concrete or wood, rather using the discarded, or perhaps shipwrecked, remains of…

five rhinos drinking in a river surrounded by trees

Weekly Photo Challenge: Symmetry

Hlane Royal National Park is Swaziland’s largest protected area and home to lions, zebra, elephants, wildebeests, impala and the elusive white rhino. Below is one of my favourite moments from our visit in 2010, spotting five amazing rhinos drinking together side by side at a local watering hole. Check out other bloggers interpretation of Symmetry.