My Top 5 Travel Tips

A series of bridges over the a river with a slight mountain in the background

Florence, Italy (Photo credit: B_aka_Stella)

I love travelling….I mean I REALLY love travelling.  I try to take as many trips as I can possibly squeeze in while still working full time.  Over the years I’ve found a number of strategies can help you find the best travel deals to maximize your holiday fun.  I hope you find these tips useful and I would love to hear some of yours as well.

Travel Tip #1: Consider different types of accommodations

Travel Tip #2: Sign up for everything

Travel Tip #3: Planes, trains or automobiles?

Travel Tip #4: Vacation off-season

Travel Tip #5: Maximize vacation time


2 thoughts on “My Top 5 Travel Tips

  1. Hello and thanks for liking my last post in moving words. We love to travel also and your tip about different kinds of accommodations is right on. When we were in Japan we stayed in Japanese style hotels (ryokans) and it made the trip soooo much more interesting.


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