Flying Refined with Porter Airlines

Porter, a small regional airline based out of Toronto’s Billy Bishop Island Airport, is a bit of a well-kept secret among East coast travelers.  If you’re coming to this part of the world though, it can be a fantastic option for travelling between Toronto and NYC, Montreal, Quebec City, Boston, Chicago or many other destinations, with up to 13 flights per day to some spots. Located very close to the heart of downtown Toronto, Porter offers much more convenient access to the city center than the main Pearson International Airport, which is located near the suburb of Mississauga.  Porter offers a free shuttle to the downtown core and eliminates the long line-ups and heavy traffic associated with Pearson.

Prices may seem on the high side but if you key an eye out for Porter’s frequent 50% off sales, they become comparable to and often even cheaper than major carriers like Air Canada and West Jet.  Be sure to sign your email up to receive special offers (just enter it in the bottom right of their website). Flights can only be booked directly via Porter, rather than group booking sites like Expedia, Flight Center or Google, which is partly why this airline is still a bit of local secret.

What really makes Porter stand out is its exceptional customer service. They keep true to their motto of “Flying Refined” by offering services such as:

  • Business class for all (no class distinctions)
  • Wider seat pitch at 32″, with no middle seats
  • Complimentary beer, wine and snacks on flights
  • Comfortable lounges in many airports featuring complimentary Starbucks coffee & tea, juice & pop, bottled water, snacks like nuts & cookies, and even newspapers & WiFi to keep you entertained

Just shy of its 10th year of operation and already having been named best small airline in the world by Condé Nast Traveler magazine, perhaps the secret is out.

Feature Image Credit:  Porter Airlines

Have you flown with Porter Airlines?  How was your experience?


4 thoughts on “Flying Refined with Porter Airlines

    • You can’t beat their service! Just keep in mind they are propeller planes so maybe a little louder/bumpier than jets, but you might not notice while you are sipping your complimentary beverages 😉

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