Travelling through cattle country: Texas & Oklahoma

Continuing the road trip down Historic Route 66, we made our way out of New Mexico and past the sprawling cattle ranches of Texas and Oklahoma enroute to Tennessee. Leaving Albuquerque in the morning gives you have the chance to stopover at a few interesting stops in Amarillo and Oklahoma City, the two major cities along the route.

"Historic Route 66" written on a sign post

Heading down Route 66

Cadillac Ranch: Inspired by samfromfi and Travel Tales & Tips recent visits, we left our spray-painted mark on the ten 1950s Cadillacs buried nose first in the desert just outside Amarillo. Blink and you’ll miss this spot so be sure to have your GPS on, exit Interstate 40 at Arnot and stick on the road close to the highway.  Just don’t litter paint cans — it’s much more fun to pass them on to the next person!

Mexican Lunch: While we didn’t spend much time in Amarillo, we did stop at El Manatial for lunch based on a friend’s recommendation. Tucked between an eyesore industrial zone and a residential neighbourhood full of tidy bungalows, El Manatial serves up tasty authentic Mexican dishes to local families and workers. While the restaurant may not be much to look at, the food is delicious and made for a great takeaway lunch.

Oklahoma City National Memorial: Even more poignant with the recent 20 year anniversary, the memorial to the 168 people killed in the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing is a must see for anyone visiting the area. The city has done a tremendous job of memorializing the victims while offering visitors a chance to learn, reflect and grieve.  I was very moved visiting this spot, particularly when seeing the 19 chairs that represented the small children killed in the bombing.

Steak Dinner: What would a visit to cattle country be without a steak dinner? We decided to get as close to the source as possible by visiting the 100 year old Cattleman’s Ranch in Stockyards City, which holds the largest world’s largest stocker-feeder cattle market. Starting with lamb fries (I’ll let the waitress explain to you what that is!), then digging into the USDA Prime Blue Ribbon Special for 2 accompanied by a delicious bottle of Napa Valley Merlot is a great way to finish the day.

Have you visited this area? Did we miss any important sights?


7 thoughts on “Travelling through cattle country: Texas & Oklahoma

    • I had to look that up…what a neat art installation! It looks like Carhenge was installed in 1987 so more than a decade after Cadillac Ranch, which is circa 1974. I’ll be sure to stop by if I’m ever travelling through these parts of Nebraska. Interested readers can learn more about Carhenge here –


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