Smokin’ BBQ Challenge in Hammond, Louisiana

Last weekend we were lucky enough to be passing through Louisiana during an awesome free BBQ Festival – the Hammond Smokin’ BBQ Challenge.  With 60+ local teams competing, this has been the largest BBQ event in Louisiana for the last 12 years.  In addition to the professional judging through the Kansas City Barbecue Society that draws contestants from across 8 states, there are lots of other fun events like the Chicken Little contest for junior BBQers and the Tip 2 Taste backyard boogie.  For a few bucks, you get to try professional and amateur BBQers handywork and while the challenger with the most tips wins, all the money raised goes to local charities so it’s a win-win. Though we really felt like the winners here, having an opportunity to try out tons of local dishes for a low price and participating in a local community event in small town Louisiana!  I always recommend trying to find local festivals in the areas where you are traveling — it can really enhance your understanding of the area, help you connect with locals, and most importantly, they are usually really fun!

You can check out more photos and info about the event on the Hammond BBQ Challenge Facebook page.

large crowds with tents and trees in the background

Looks like the whole town of Hammond came out to enjoy the free event

a stage with a five piece band and a banner on top "Northshore Broadcasting Stage"

The Southern sounds of Invisible Cowboy kept us entertained

A large train passing next to a tent with a woman in a yellow tshirt and black shorts walking next to it

Watch out for the train! First time I have seen an actual train run through a BBQ Festival…or any festival for that matter. Frequent Amtrak trains pass through Hammond…we saw at least 5 while we were there!

a large juicy rib on a white styrofoam plate

We loved Tip 2 Taste! Got to try lots of local dishes, like these amazing ribs from Frog Bone. So good, we even bought some of the sauces for home.

a white styrofoam plate full of meat and beans

Pulled pork, bbq chicken and beans – a southern trio of deliciousness!

a bowl of chili with a spoon in it

We even tried some alligator chili! (must admit, not my favourite, but hey, when in Rome!)


14 thoughts on “Smokin’ BBQ Challenge in Hammond, Louisiana

    • About 2 weeks of our roadtrip left and most of that is in the South/SW….El Paso, LV, Santa Fe, Memphis, Nashville. It’s my first time visiting most of these states and its been really great! We just did NOLA and Austin so those posts are coming.

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  1. Too bad you weren’t able to hit San Antonio or Fort Worth…both interesting cities that are quintessentially “Texan.” But Austin is great, too…I am actually headed that way next week. I also love Memphis and Nashville! Any idea what you will see and do there? My favorite Memphis tourist stop is Graceland! 😉 I recently did a post on Nashville…in case you want to take a look at it. Happy travels! I look forward to your upcoming posts…


    • Awesome thx I will check out the Nashville post! Graceland for sure, some bbq, sun studios, civil rights museum….that might cover our 2 days in memphis! Any other suggestions?


      • I think that covers the top attractions. The only other thing I can think of right off is seeing the famous Peabody Ducks at the Peabody Hotel. You can always pop across the street from Graceland and give a shout out on Sirius/XM Elvis Radio! 🙂


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