Weekly Photo Challenge: Depth

My visit to the beautiful country of Venezuela turned out a be an incredibly memorable trip filled with muddy treks in the Amazon, stunning Margarita Island beaches and thrilling boat rides down the Orinoco Delta.  Certainly one of the highlights was catching a glimpse of Angel Falls.  Along with our lovable yet crazy chain-smoking Austrian guide, a Polish family of 3, and four strapping German guys, my sister and I headed up in the air, in what can only be described as the wobbliest of aircraft, to fly over Canaima National Park.  Our bravery was well-rewarded.  Although the timing of our visit during the dry season (December to March) meant that we didn’t experience the rush of water sometimes seen in photographs, the impact of the world’s highest uninterrupted waterfall, with a depth of 979 m or 3212 ft, was not at all lost on me.

Check out how others are interpreting this week’s theme: Depth

Aerial view of Angel Falls


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