Winterlicious bookings begin January 15th

Love it or hate it, Winterlicious returns to takeover the Toronto restaurant scene from January 30 to February 12, 2015.  Loved by budget-conscious foodies and loathed by wait staff fearing lower tips, the food festival has been bringing out diners during the winter lull for over 10 years.  An array of over 200 restaurants across the city will be offering three course price fixe menus for lunch, dinner or both. 

Every year there are some safe bets and popular choices which get inundated with reservation requests due to their popularity. If you are interested in SplendidoCanoeLuckeeBent or Momofuku Daisho, I suggest you get on the phone early on January 15th, when reservations open (call the restaurant directly).  Personally, the menu at Sassafraz looks great so that’s where I will be heading for lunch.

Lunch tends to be the more affordable option, but for those paying attention to the budget, lunch price categories have increased by $3 each this year to $18, $23 or $28, which may be signalling a forthcoming increase to dinner prices, which currently remain at $25, $35 or $45.  No early bookings for American Express card holders this year either, since they no longer sponsor the event (so you’ll just have to call in 20 times like the rest of us plebes).  There are several special culinary events you may be interested in as well.

A full list of restaurant menus can be found here.  If you are planning a visit to Toronto during the summer, keep in mind that Summerlicious will be held July 3 to 19, 2015.

For those that hate the festival – citing lackluster service, smaller portions and lesser quality ingredients – you have no shortage of small up and coming restaurants to patronize this season.  Two I’m looking forward to trying are Borealia and Mr. Flamingo. Happy dining!

an old brownstone with leafy trees around it, the words "Bodega" written on its canopy

Photo credit of Bodega Restaurant on Baldwin:

Which restaurants are you planning to check out this year? Or are you skipping all the madness?


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