Tap into your creative side at Paintlounge

a painted canvas in grey, green, yellow and purple abstract

“Rain”: our inspiration for the evening

I’ve heard we all need a creative outlet…whether it’s writing a blog or fiddling with an instrument, it’s nice to get away from the every day and let your creativity take over. Armed with a 2 for 1 Groupon and a sense of adventure, my friend and I headed to Paintlounge, a very well-equipped College Street studio I had passed by many times with curiosity.

a variety of paints, brushes, hair dryers and paint pallets

The supplies at Paintlounge

For $25 each (plus $3.25 HST payable directly at the venue), we received two 16 x 20″ canvases, all the equipment we might need, a great instructor, and cafe drinks (I went for the Berry Rooibos tea with Goji berries which was delicious).  Tuesday through Friday you can participate in one of 2 themed two-hour workshops (2:30pm and 7:30pm) that are designed for adult beginners with step-by-step instructions that allow you to walk away with your own masterpiece.  Family and kids workshops are also available, in addition to special event workshops featuring live music on Friday and Saturday nights.  Freestyle painting is the most popular service and is offered anytime.  Prices range from $20 to $55 depending on canvas size, which can be shared between two painters.

several easels lined up next to each out, with large paintings on white walls behind them

The facilities at Paintlounge West

Paintlounge is a great place to go on date, hang out with friends, spend some time being creative alone, or plan a special event. You can bring your own alcohol for events for a $30 corkage fee, as long as you arrange for a Special Occasions Permit.

Three locations are available in the Greater Toronto Area:
784 College St (pictured)
1173 Queen St E
118 Main St, Markham

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