Utopia: Always a good deal in Little Italy

Exterior of Utopia on College St (Image Source: www.Toronto.com)

Exterior of Utopia on College St (Image Source: http://www.Toronto.com)

utopiaThere’s a reason Utopia, located in Little Italy at 586 College St since 1995, is always full: good prices, big portions and tasty food.

One of the best reasons to visit is their early week specials (offered 5:30 to close):

Monday’s – $3 glass of Hardy’s Shiraz or Chardonnay + 1/2 price for second burger
Tuesday’s – $4 Amsterdam Tall Cans + free poutine with any sandwhich order
Wednesday’s – $9 for 48 ounce pitcher of Amsterdam Blonde or Raspberry Wheat + half price nachos

We visited on a Wednesday and obviously took part in the nachos special by ordering the cream of the crop, Utopia Nachos. At $17 (or $8.50 on Wednesday), they are massive and very very good!  Loaded with steak, chicken, tons of cheese and guacamole, sour cream and salsa on the side, we didn’t make much of a dent with only 2 people.


Fully loaded Utopia Nachos

Part of the reason was that we each started with the soup of the day, a curried red lentil with rapini. The soup was so delicious and filling, and at only $5, it could have actually been my whole meal.


Curried red lentil with rapini soup

If you are in the Little Italy neighborhood, swing by Utopia for a great menu that will get you a full belly at a really good price.


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