Travel Tip #5: Maximize vacation time


Unfortunately most of us do not have unlimited vacation time, but there are still tricks to make the most of what you have. I never ever take a vacation day off work unless I am travelling.  Some people love staycations, but I am not one of them…that is what weekends are for!  Here are a few tips to maximize your holiday time:

  • Piggy back on public holidays so you only take 4 days off instead of 5
  • Head straight from work to the airport if possible
  • Maximize red eye flights and trains (added bonus is that you save money on accommodation)
  • Turn your 1 week trips into 10 day trips by taking off an additional Friday (i.e. depart Thurs night and return the following Sunday night = 10 day trip!)
  • Leaving on a Friday afternoon? Work the morning so you only need to take a half day
  • If possible, work some extra hours before your trip to get lieu time so that you can actually relax before you leave and avoid all this running around

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