Thursday Night at Momofuku Noodle Bar


The highly anticipated expansion of David Chang’s restaurant dynasty to Toronto 2 years ago wasn’t necessarily smooth, but Momofuku Noodle Bar remains one of my favourite fun and casual eating spots in the downtown core.  The three story outpost of the NYC based Momofuku, located at 190 University Ave immediately adjacent to the posh Shangri-La Hotel, houses 3 restaurants plus the Milk Bar for desserts and Nikai for cocktails.  Rule of thumb is the higher you go, the more expensive the meal. 


For dinner Thursday, three of us sampled five dishes.  Our favourite across the board were the Hot & Honey Chicken Wings ($12 for 5), which were juicy and sriracha-licious.


The Ginger Scallion Noodles ($12) were so delicious even though they come across as a pretty simple dish…and there was plenty!  I prefer these to the Momofuku Ramen myself (less salty).


We also tried both the Brisket Buns and the BBQ Chicken Buns (pictured below).  At $10 per two buns, the brisket was fantastic but the chicken was a bit dull flavorwise in comparison.  The crispy skin was a nice touch for texture but still didn’t hit the mark like the brisket.  We also had the Pea Leaf Salad ($8) because I guess you should eat something green at every meal.  It was surprisingly spicy for a salad!


One thing I did not love was my drink. There were only two cocktails on the menu and the bourbon based slushi ($13) I chose was too sweet and filling to eat with dinner.
Ritualisticly we headed upstairs to the refridgerated Milk Bar to check out the treats, but as crazy as everyone seems to be for crack pie and the like, I find the desserts here too sweet and dense so we opted for dessert at the Shangri-La.
With tax and tip we spent about $40 per person, including one cocktail or glass of wine – excellent value!


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