Tuesday night at DaiLo


Much like the rest of this city, I have been looking forward to the opening of DaiLo for months and months.  I witnessed its gradual transformation from Grace to DaiLo over several months of passing by 503 College St and I was very excited to finally step inside. The finished dining room looks beautiful with its noveau Asian design and eclectic touches.  Definitely more of an upscale dining experience compared to the loud and crowded La Carnita, a great taco place next door. 

Now on to the food…for 2 people we ate 5 dishes, all very good, nice flavours and we were full.  The roast duck tacos were a great start.  Small but worth the $8.  The Egg Net Salad with pork, sprouts, pomelo, almond crumble was good but not memorable. The wontons with shrimp and pork (pictured above), were delicious and full of subtle spices.  The highlight though was the pork hock with a side of jellyfish slaw (pictured below), amazing flavour! I really loved this dish.


I also really enjoyed the truffle fried rice with house made XO sauce (pictured below)…not your ordinary fried rice for sure!  Perhaps a bit pricey at $19, but very tasty.


For dessert, we tried the Asian Banana Split with spiced ice cream, Thai banana and sesame seeds ($8).  This dish was a bit disappointing.  One of the two ice cream flavours was very plain, which made the sesame seeds overwhelming.  The other side of the dish was better tasting for sure…I say stick to that flavour.

Now for the highlight of the meal…the wine!  Outstanding choices by DaiLo’s sommelier Anton Potvin.  I tried the Rosadis Pinot Grigio ($10), Fleur de Sel ($11) and Vouvray ($8) for dessert.  All were excellent and well priced considering their quality.  The wine alone would make me return!

So overall for $80 per person (tax & tip included) for 5 shared dishes + 1 shared dessert + 2 glasses of wine each + 1 after-dinner drink each, I was satisfied.  Service was very good throughout the meal, but became non-existent as soon as we settled the bill.  Even with some of the misses, I would recommend trying DaiLo for a nice dinner out because the overall experience was very good. Keep in mind the crowd is very sparse until about 7:30pm.


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